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Company Profile
Established on 6th December, 2006, Cryogenic Food Processing Pvt. Ltd. (CFP) was born out of rich heritage of innovation. The company's promoters have a long and illustrious history since 1965 in food manufacturing business and operate under the brand name of KP Group. The Group has been a market leader since last 45 years by creating goodwill through innovation and quality. A synonym for uncompromising quality, the company has relentlessly pursued the creation of customer value unrivalled by any competitor.

The KP Group once again presents a world's first - an innovative line of Cryogenically Processed Food products from the CFP Pvt. Ltd. Engineered through a long research and development process, the products use a unique technology in grinding of wheat flour, spices and an extensive range of other products. The company is first in the world to introduce this grinding process in commercial production of manufacturing food.

The Logo
Our logo CPF (Cryogenically Processed Food) symbolizes the commitment of outstanding quality between the company and our strategic partners. This logo captures the covenant of delivering the finest quality, superior value for money and better health. That is the promise of each product. This logo stands as a representative mark of quality and satisfaction.
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