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Cryogenic grinding of wheat flour, herbs and spices involves powdering these elements at sub-zero temperatures ranging from 0 to - 196°C. The elements are frozen with liquid nitrogen, as they are being ground. This process does not damage or alter the chemical composition of the main elements in any way. Standard grinding process which does not use a cooling system can reach up to +200°F. This high temperature can reduce volatile components and heat sensitive constituents in spices.
Superiority of Cryogenic over Standard Grinding Systems
Traditional Grinding System Cryogenic Grinding System
The heat is developed inside the grinding mill Temperature below 0*c inside the grinding mill
The heat, which is developed during grinding, leads on one hand to evaporation of the essential oil and on the other hand, heat sensitive fats are melted. Negligible loss of volatile component
This in turn can lead to the grinding elements become greasy (oily) and even harms the machine by blocking it. Not in Cryogenic process
High energy consumption Low energy consumption
High capacity motors are required to grind the material Low capacity motors are required to grind the material
Essential value of material are evaporated No evaporation of essential value
No control on particle size Particle size are under controlled
Superiority of the whole cryogenically process over standard grinding process spices w.r. t Essential Oil Content
Spices Ungrounded
essential oil
(ml. Per gm.)
% Cryogenic Grinded
essential oil
(ml. Per am.)
% Standard Grounded
essential oil
(ml. Per qm.)
Turmeric 5.5 100 5.5 100 3.5 64
Coriander 0.6 100 0.6 100 0.4 67
Black Pepper 2.9 100 2.9 100 1.5 52
Cumin Garam 3.5 100 3.5 100 1.6 46
Garam Masala 4.6 100 4.6 100 2.0 43
Superiority of cryogenically processed wheat flour over wheat Grain
Comparative Chart of Nutritional Values, App. Per 100 gm of Whole Wheat and Wheat Flour
Parameters Whole Wheat Cryogenically Ground Flour
  Report Result % Report Result %
Energy 364 K cal. 100% 364 K cal. 100%
Protein 11.77 Gm 100% 11.77Gm 100%
Carbohydrates 75.17 Gm 100% 75.17 Gm 100%
Fat 1.83 Gm 100% 1.83 Gm 100%
Saturated fat 0.36 Gm 100% 0.36 Gm 100%
Sodium 25.63 mg/kg 100% 25.63 mg/kg 100%
Cholesterol 0 Gm 100% 0 Gm 100%
Dietary fiber 12.48 Gm 100% 12.48 Gm 100%

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